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  • Crystal on

    Easily became my favorite summer/fall living room blanket. It not only keeps me cozy while chilling on the sofa but the design makes it a wonderful living room piece. Highly recommend!

  • Jeanette on

    Amazing blankets! I keep coming back for more because they make amazing gifts for family and friends. Gorgeous designs and so comfortable.

  • Tiff on

    Very well crafted and soft. The colors are exquisite and as photographed. Versatile & stylish. Love it. Definitely one of my fave recent purchases with a good story.

  • Amy on

    These blank_its are amazing! Lovely designs and great fabric!! I got the Cosmo as a gift for my friend and she loved it too! Totally worth the cost.

  • Eva on

    I love my blankit. The quality is fantastic and it’s cozy and durable. I can see myself wrapped in it for years to come.

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